The Most Affordable Modular Homes in NJ

Advantage Modular Saves You Time and Money

Advantage Modular Homes uses state of the art home construction building methods to create a brand new home in significantly less time than a traditional stick built home. A Modular Home enables you to craft your custom dream home while also leveraging reliable designs aspects that have already been successfully built many times over. This modular technique allows for a custom home or even an existing home to be built or upgraded to create a high-quality building material that is affordably priced. Modular buildings cost less because the construction process is precisely managed to avoid the typical problems associated with conventional construction such as unexpected hazardous weather and vandalism. The factory makes large volume purchases directly from manufacturers which allows for substantial savings for our customers building prefab homes resulting in AMH being the most affordable home builder in NJ.

Our Modular Homes Are Built For Quality

Along with being the most affordable home builder in New Jersey, AMH modular buildings are built in environmentally controlled factories with only the highest quality materials and energy efficient methods. All modular construction is performed with the most advanced equipment, which further ensures that the highest quality standards under the strictest building codes are met. Quality is inherent in the manufacturing process because the construction can be carefully monitored and controlled from start to finish. Our modular home manufacturers employ the same dependable skilled craftsmen for every home they build, ensuring consistency during the building of your new home. Often times site-built homes can take well over a year to complete. When you finalize all the home plans, permits, and finances for the home you are interested in building, the last thing you want to do is wait. This is why a modular home with Advantage Modular Homes is the right way to go. Once all the prerequisites have been met, it only takes the manufacturer approximately 6 to 12 weeks to build your home. When your new home is delivered, it is 70-80 percent complete, with only a small amount of finish or connection work to be done onsite.

Modular Building Flexibility

Since we are still a custom home builder you can utilize our building techniques to make your living space however you want. And with more options for custom home designs, build anything from a tiny home to a beautiful modern design to match your desired price point  You can choose everything you want for both the interior and exterior. Our customers can build a truly custom modular home. We build modular homes with a wide range of square feet options with a price starting at very affordable levels, especially when you compare the cost of our modular prefabricated homes to the high cost of traditional stick build homes. There are a wide array of features and add-ons to choose, with options ranging from cabinet choices to counter tops, floor coverings to faucet finishes, porches and decks, windows, lighting, and much more. You have so many options to choose from to make your new Advantage Modular Home beautiful. Our modular floor plans can be customized to suit your needs and lifestyle. We offer a variety of custom home styles: We offer a variety of custom home styles:
  • Ranch
  • Cape Cod
  • Raised ranch
  • Two-story
  • Multi-family

Why settle for the home that someone else built and all the choices someone that else made?
Let Advantage Modular Homes guide you through the process of building the home that you have been dreaming of.