Modular Homes in NJ With An Advantage

The Beginning

AMH brings a wealth of modular home construction and home building experience to the South Jersey area. As a second-generation modular builder, our experience began with Country Homes of NJ Inc founded in 1984. Like Country Homes, AMH uses only the best local tradesmen to complete the modular home building process. The company quickly earned a reputation for providing area families with exceptionally well-built homes. AMH is proud to continue building energy-efficient homes with fast build times, excellent prices, and incredible customer service.

On Target

In 2002, Target Modular Homes built upon the Country Homes experience and its tradition of excellence in modular construction. Target Modular Homes completed over 100 site built homes in New Jersey through 2013. Additionally, Target Modular Homes created a unique system specifically designed to improve upon the modular building process. Our process for building modular homes benefits customers with additional value-added services. Our values have been translated into many more satisfied new homeowners over the past few decades.

Moving Forward

In 2018 one of South Jersey’s best known and well-respected modular builders, AMH, launched a new chapter in the family tradition. Advantage Modular Homes is proud to be with you through every step of the home building process. We are dedicated to the concept of making your dream home into a reality. It’s important to combine a quality manufacturer with an experienced and professional home building contractor. The proven experience of Advantage Modular Homes has made our company the most trusted option for modular builders in South Jersey.

Advantage Modular Homes is dedicated to creating well built and affordable modular homes for families in New Jersey.
Do you want to build your dream home? Call us today and we can begin the process of making your dream into a reality.